Astronomical Calendar 2017

This collection of information is in the making. Please visit from time to time.

I’ll be intermittently adding material, similar to that in my printed books for the previous years, of which the last and best was Astronomical Calendar 2016.

Pictures and tables may have to come first, because they are the groundwork and there are some people who need them early.  Some of them may be difficult to understand without explanation, but I may have to get around to filling in explanatory text later.

You can keep each page open while looking at others.  You should be able to enlarge a PDF on your screen and look at details with fine resolution – an advantage of electronics over paper.   One way to enlarge is to hold the “Control” key down while rolling the wheel of your mouse. [Please inform me whether this works for you, and, if you use a Mac, what the equivalent action is.]  You may see a “hand” tool; you should be able, if you click on that, to rub your way around in the enlarged picture.

Do advise me (by email) of any glitches you notice.
Guy Ottewell

Timetable of astronomical events for the year
The year in general
Mercury and Venus
Uranus and Neptune
Deeper space


Note:  A reader converted the timetable of events into a web page table for his own use.  Anyone interested in the file, which could be imported into a spreadsheet, is invited to send an email to Eric David: astronuts at