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The Winged Velocipede
or, how to fly overseas with your bicycle

Handy pamphlet giving careful instructions for turning the handlebar, removing the pedals, finding a box, and other practical details of preparing your bicycle for transport in a plane (or train). Including a rundown of airline regulations; tips on planning a journey; how to repair a flat tire; what to do about dogs, hills, rain . . . (And, we must admit, some snippets of bike lore and anti-car propaganda!) You will find the approach notably relaxed and non-threatening, compared with other "how-to" literature including some about bicycling. The idea is to encourage. It's just a delightful and a healthy way to travel the European or the Appalachian countryside!

5½ x 8½ in., 48 pages, sketches, color cover. 1995. ISBN 978-0-934546-32-4.