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Think Like a Mother: an attempt to give content to those bland words "human rights"

Forty-four images, all but one of them sharply distressing—hanging in Egypt and the U.S.A., flogging in Pakistan, torture in Colombia, savage beating in Brazil, mass graves in Peru and Indonesia, killing of children in Guatemala and Iraq . . . With brief comments (ranging from three words to half a page).

This was in origin a collection of photographs taken from newspapers or other documents for passing around during invited talks about human rights; and it will be a powerful tool for anyone else who does such speaking, or needs to convince others (or be convinced) of the urgency of this work. It is a personal, not an Amnesty International book; but proceeds from it will go to Amnesty International.

10½ x 10½ in., 48 pages, photographs incl. cover. 1995. ISBN 978-0-934546-31-7.

Some comments from human-rights activists:

“Let me know if you ever get sued, I know some good lawyers . . . I'm carrying it to look at any time I need a kick in the pants to do more work . . .”

“I quoted you in a letter to the Mexican consul—the part about other rights being important but 'first we must stop the screaming'—and he was so impressed that he invited me to lunch.”

“You gave the images and words for many, many of us.”

Aung San Suu Kyi