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American Indian Tribes and Language Families
North of Mexico

Map showing the traditional territories of the indigenous peoples of North America (about 360 groups are included). Colors are used to indicate linguistic families.

There is a table (covering as large an area as the map itself) of the relationships between the languages, and some prose on the history of ideas about these relationships.

On the reverse is a Map of the Navajo Country of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah with place-names in Navajo (and their translations).

These maps are based on research begun when the author was working at an Indian-run school in the Navajo reservation and establishing an Indian library there.

16 x 22 in., 7 colors. 1993. Shipped in a tube. ISBN 978-0-934546-41-6.

OUT OF PRINT until another printer is found.

American Indian map

A bit of the map:
American Indian map excerpt

—Of the table:
American Indian map excerpt

—Of the Navajo map:
Navajo map excerpt