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A Bemerton Anthology

Eleven poems of George Herbert selected by Barbara Murray, and twenty-one poems by Barbara Murray. With drawings by Guy Ottewell of Bemerton near Salisbury in England, where George Herbert was parish priest from 1630 to 1633.

“Most of [Barbara Murray's] poems are, as true poetry is, driven by real feeling and crafted out of surprisingly found words. The first few . . .  seem the most necessitated, meant, in any language; beside them, many other poems seem to be acts of play that could have been left undone.”

6 x 9 in., 43 pages, drawings, color cover. 2010. ISBN 978-0-934546-57-7.

Bemerton from the west
Bemerton from the west. George Herbert's tiny church and great rectory face each other across the narrow village street.